Woodfired Gacho Grilling with Gusto!

Woodfired Gacho Grilling with Gusto!

Appeal of woodfired cooking is growing in popularity, not just in restaurants, but in backyards too! One kind of live fire cooking that is gaining popularity, not only in restaurants all around the US, but at home is Brazilian-style/Argentine-style, or gacho grilling. Why? Because when you cook over a live flame, interaction throughout the cooking process is a requirement. There is no “button” or knob to turn, you have to fully engage in the cooking process, channeling the ancient need to control fire.

The Birth of Gacho Barbeque

After cattle was introduced in the Rio Grande do Sol region of Brazil around 400 years ago, so too was the woodfired method of cooking known as Brazilian barbeque or churrasco. Also known as “gacho-style”, named after the Brazilian cowboy, this method of cooking beef became a way of life.

Initially salt was the only seasoning for the beef. Brazilian gachos would apply the salt and let it rest on the meat for 30 minutes, allowing the salt to be completely absorbed into the beef. Once the beef was “seasoned”, the gachos would cook over a wood burning fire, deepening the flavor with smoke. To keep the beef moist, a salt-water baste was used throughout cooking.

It wasn’t long until the gacho grilling method spread to other parts of South America. In Argentina, gachos incorporated other methods for seasoning meat. One way was to immerse the meat in a chimichurri marinade the night before cooking to add depth of flavor and regional pizazz for chicken and lamb. The meats were then placed on long skewers on racks over the fire, with fattier meats at the top so the juices drip down to flavor leaner meats below.

Today people all over the world enjoy not only beef, but chicken, lamb and even seafood prepared the gacho way.

From Swords to Backyard Skewers

Popular South American steakhouses such as Fogo de Chao, Churrascaria Plataforma, and Texas de Brazil really make a show out of the gacho dining experience. Some restaurants use flamboyantly dressed “gachos” as servers who carve large pieces of meat off sword-like skewers right at the table. Patrons are encouraged to eat as much as they can, sometimes utilizing tokens or cards indicating whether or not they would like the next available “gacho” to automatically come to their table to serve them another portion or two.

The best part about gacho style grilling is not only the taste, but how readily available gacho grills are for purchase or as a DIY project for the backyard. No matter the style chosen for your gacho grill, make sure to use the best cook wood that has been properly season and preferably kiln dried for 35% more heat output than naturally dried firewood.

Premier Firewood Has the Wood for Your Gacho Grill

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