Cooking Wood for Sale

Cooking Woods for Sale in New York & Connecticut

Restaurants and residents in CT and NY can enjoy the highest quality cooking woods for sale with convenient delivery to your home or business.

Cooking Wood for Sale

For new customers, we will gladly make recommendations that fit the needs of your restaurant. Cooking woods are also available for all residential customers in select areas of NY and CT.

Wide Selection of Cooking Woods

  • Oak firewood, hickory firewood, cherry firewood, apple firewood, and a blend of mixed hardwood firewood for cooking is also available.
  • All of our cooking woods can be cut to order and sold loose or in .75cu. ft bundles.
  • Specialty items such as wood chips, chunks, and saw dust are also available for purchase, if you prefer to use those for cooking.

Hotter & Longer-Lasting Burn

  • For restaurants trying to get the highest BTU’s, we recommend our premium oak firewood as it burns hotter and longer than most other cooking wood options.

There’s no doubt about it: We know firewood! Cooking wood is no exception to that either. If you’re a professional chef or an amateur just getting into smoking or cooking over an open flame, we have wood that is perfect for cooking. Give us a call at 203.866.4252 to talk to someone directly about choosing the best cooking wood possible.

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Call Premier Firewood Co. for prices and availability of high quality cooking wood in NY & CT, including our convenient year-round firewood delivery service! For more information on our firewood and delivery options, contact Premier Firewood today!

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