Outdoor Fire Pit Wood for Sale

Buy Kiln Dried Firewood for Outdoor Fire Pit Use

Residents of NY and CT  can enjoy the highest quality fire pit wood for your next outdoor gathering.

You built yourself that beautiful outdoor fire pit in the backyard. Now, it’s time to put it to proper use. Premier Firewood Company has the highest quality fire pit wood available, allowing you to fully enjoy your creation.

Firewood That’s Guaranteed to Burn

clean burning fire pit wood at a small gathering.

Why should you use Premier’s kiln dried firewood for your outdoor fire pit? For one thing, thanks to its low moisture content, it’s guaranteed to burn. No more waiting and hoping your logs catch, you’ll be all set from the start.

Not only that, but our fire pit wood burns cleaner. You won’t be smoked out by sitting next to it. That also makes it safer to use if you end up making any s’mores, or anything else over the flame. Since it is more energy efficient, giving off 35% more heat, you’ll stay nice and toasty even if the temperature drops, and you’ll use fewer logs to do so.

 Home Delivery and Stacking of Your Fire Pit Wood

Plus, we can deliver your fire pit wood straight to your home in New York or Connecticut. No more mess, no more hassle, and no more hauling wood. Just quick, easy service, and we’ll even stack up your firewood for you, too.

Call us at 203-866-4252 today, and we’ll tell you more about why Premier’s kiln dried firewood is the best wood for fire pit applications.


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Call Premier Firewood Co. for prices and availability of high quality fire pit wood in NY & CT, including our convenient year-round firewood delivery service! For more information on our firewood and delivery options, contact Premier Firewood today!

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