Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale

Affordable, Premium Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale in New York and Connecticut

  • Guaranteed to Burn – Our Kiln Dried firewood has low moisture content (10%–15%) and ensures guaranteed lighting and burning
  • Clean Firewood – No insects, bugs or molds
  • Energy Efficient Firewood – Our Kiln Dried firewood consists of 100% mixed hardwoods and gives up to 35% more heat output than seasoned wood
  • Less Creosote – Less chimney problems and maintenance
  • All our Kiln Dried Firewood for NY & CT consists of 100% mixed hardwoods


Kiln Dried Firewood Pricing

We serve a wide range of areas with our delivery services for the highest quality of firewood available.
Fairfield County in Connecticut with cities like Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Westport and more are right within our service area. We also serve Westchester County in New York.

Size 1 – Half Face Cord


Half Face Cord
$200.00/Half Face Cord
  • Size 1 – 4′x4′x16″
  • Equal to about 25 bundles
  • Delivered & Stacked
  • Rack Not Included

Size 2 – Full Face Cord


Full Face Cord
$305.00/Full Face Cord
  • Size 2 – 8′x4′x16″
  • Equal to about 55 bundles
  • Delivered & Stacked
  • Rack Not Included

Kiln dried firewood offers many distinct advantages from any other type of unseasoned or unconditioned wood. By drying our firewood in a kiln, we ensure that the moisture content is low enough to make lighting the wood as easy as possible. In fact, we are so confident that our firewood will light, we even guarantee that it’ll burn! How many other firewood companies will put mark a distinction on their firewood? Since our wood is kiln-dried, there is no worries about bugs or insects in our wood. Our wood is mold free as well. Our mixed hardwood gives more heat output as well. So not only does it light easy, it’s guaranteed to burn, but it’s more efficient and saves you money! If you live in Fairfield Connecticut, New York City or Westchester County, then buy the best kiln dried firewood, and buy from Premier Firewood Company. Not convinced? Call us directly at 203-866-4252.

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