Hickory Firewood Box


A rich spark for the perfect meal

Our box of firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 fires. Fire starters, kindling, matches, and the best firewood. Each box includes up to 50lbs of firewood.

  • Characteristics: deep (almost syrupy) and rich.
  • Cooking styles: Barbequing, grilling or smoking.
  • Pairs well with: Ribs, brisket, pork.

Heat Output: (Very High)

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Product Description

While some people prefer cooking on a gas grill using propane, others still enjoy grilling, smoking or barbecuing with wood. Premier Firewood Company offers the highest-quality cooking wood delivery around the country.

Our smoking wood is kiln-dried to produce an amazing smoke flavor without your having to season the wood. It can be used in a smoker box, charcoal grill, wood-fired pizza oven or fire pit. Our cooking wood boxes include tinder, kindling, fatwood and matches so you can start grilling right away when you get the delivery.

Each box includes oak, hickory wood, cherry or wood-fired oven pieces of wood. We can help you choose the best option from the types of wood we offer. We realize that having that deep smoky flavor when you bite into the vegetables, red meat steaks, pork brisket, chicken or seafood is important to you.

Even an experienced pitmaster can appreciate the ease of smoking meat using the convenient cooking wood box. We can help you determine what heat source is best for your grill smoker or BBQ grill. Our cooking wood boxes are in stock and ready to be sent to your door.

Our Kiln-to-hearth program was introduced in 2021 and brings the best firewood directly to your door. Each box ships with:

  • Tinder: Thin and extremely flammable material. Your first ingredient when sparking something good.
  • Kindling: Pre-split small kindling will make every fire-building experience easier. 
  • Fatwood: Found anywhere pine trees grow, a delightful-smelling natural fire starter. 
  • Firewood: The main event. The best of the best kiln dried firewood.
  • 1 Box of matches: With our exceptional kiln dried firewood, one match is all you’ll need!
  • How many fires: 2-4 fires

Tips for Storing Firewood Safely and Securely

No matter how much firewood you need or buy, storing it the right way extends its life and helps you get the most value out of your purchase. Here are some tips for properly storing your firewood.

  • Keep it off the ground to reduce rot and infestation from bugs and bacteria — store firewood on a metal rack or on surfaces like concrete.
  • When possible, store firewood in an outdoor shed or garage to keep it away from elements like rain and snow.
  • Cover firewood stacks with a tarp if you leave them outdoors to minimize exposure and rot and to ensure your wood is dry when it’s time to use it.
  • Always stack firewood in an organized manner that allows some space on all sides of the stack for air to circulate; this prevents moisture build-up and faster rotting.


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