• Stacking Included

    The perfect start to a wood-fired meal

    Black oven, or white oven, oven-cut firewood is mixed hardwood split down to a smaller size. We recommend this for wood-fired ovens whether you’re cooking pizza, focaccia, skillets or galettes. These perfectly-cut pieces are approximately 2”-3” inches in diameter so you can manage the flame and temperature of your wood-fired oven without meal-disrupting temperature increases each time a piece is added. Heat Output: (Medium)
  • Cooking Wood

    Stacking Included Restaurants and residents in CT and NY enjoy the highest-quality cooking woods from Premier. For new customers, we will gladly make recommendations that fit the needs of your restaurant. Cooking woods are also available for all residential customers in select areas of NY and CT. Choose Your Size & Rack Option:
  • Charcoal


    Start the perfect grill session

    • Our 100% natural hardwood lump charcoals have no additives or filler materials. This charcoal was heated under controlled conditions to remove impurities and produce more delicious meals. The charcoal lights quickly and burns at an ideal cooking temperature, setting you up for the perfect sear.
    • Burns clean and produces very little ash for easier cleanup.
    • Lights faster and burns hotter compared to standard charcoal briquettes.
    • Caramelizes the natural sugars in foods to produce juicy, mouth-watering flavors.
    Choose Your Size & Rack Option:


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