Why Kiln Dried Firewood is Worth the Extra Dollars

By Katie Conaway | Burning Wood for Heat, cooking wood, Firewood
May. 312016

Benefits Trump the Cost

What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

When a tree is cut down, the wood is considered too “green” to burn. Green wood usually does not burn well and produces a lot of smoke due to the high moisture content of the recently alive tree. Traditionally, newly cut wood is split and stacked and left to dry out anywhere from 6 months to a year according to FirewoodResource.com. However, there is a better method than letting your wood dry naturally for several months to several years. One of which is to purchase firewood that has been dried in a kiln.

A kiln works much like an oven. Per an article in Farming Magazine, internal temperatures of the wood need to reach between 140 degrees to 160 degrees for 75 minutes. Firewood dried in a kiln reduces the amount of moisture between 10 to 20 percent. Kilns kill bugs, fungus and prevent mold and mildew from growing on the wood during the drying period. This quick and efficient drying process, also provides additional benefits to the consumer, specifically when it come to storage and burning.

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood is a cleaner alternative to traditional firewood. Grocers, retailers and even brick-oven pizza shops prefer this method of dry, sterilized, bundled firewood. As mentioned before, it is bug free, but it also provides the following benefits:

  • Ready to burn the day you get it
  • Does not have be stored outdoors (i.e. bug, fungus, and mold free)
  • Less bark and debris for indoor storage
  • Cleaner burn because it produces less creosote, which means fewer chimney problems
  • Produces less smoke when burning
  • Good option if you do need to move wood (i.e.for camping)
  • Lighter, so more can be carried at once
  • Ignites easily and burns efficiently


Order Your Kiln Dried Firewood Today

Premier Firewood Company™ offers kiln dried, energy efficient firewood that burns hot and clean. To order your firewood today, call 203-866-4252 or order online 24 hours, 7 days a week. Yes, you may pay more, but it is worth it!

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