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Premier Wood For Cooking

Premier Firewood offers a wide selection of cooking wood for any grill, oven, or smoker that requires wood for fuel. Our premium line offers a variety of species to help you add the perfect flavor to your food - and in various cuts (Chunks, Splits, or Logs) - so you have the ideal wood no matter what you’re using to cook, smoke, or bake.

Whether you’re interested in a small amount for your smoker or pizza oven, or you require larger quantities for a commercial establishment, we’ve got you covered.

We supply some of the nation's top restaurants and chefs with their most essential first ingredient: kiln-dried wood. Our nationwide network of chefs trust us to deliver clean, dry, premium cooking wood that imbues any meal with robust flavor and aroma, and heats evenly and reliably, every time.

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We believe that every time you light a Premier fire, you’re starting something good. Our sustainable Kiln-to-hearth™ program brings the best firewood directly to your door.

What To Look For In Premier Cooking Wood

As any world renowned chef or even a self-certified grill master will tell you, quality ingredients make all the difference. Good quality wood not only adds subtle overtures to the flavor profile but provides a sure-fire way fuel to whichever vessel you’re using to cook your next masterpiece.

Dense hardwoods such as Cherry provide more fruity undertones versus the nutty and smokey profiles of Oak and Hickory. Hardwoods burn hotter and longer than soft woods, which should be avoided.

Premium cooking woods should all have a moisture content no greater than 20%. This is why kiln-dried firewood is the optimal choice for leading chefs. Wood that is otherwise too green (and therefore likely has a higher moisture content), will smolder and produce acrid smoke, which can really ruin a mood.

Our Expert Delivery Process

Your Wood is Prepared

Your Wood is Prepared

We sustainably source and meticulously inspect each log before kiln-drying to produce the finest firewood in America.
You Select Your Type

You Select Your Type

Flick through the filters and find the perfect fuel to feed your fire.
We Deliver to Your Door

We Deliver to Your Door

Through our white-glove service, top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading practices we deliver kiln-dried wood year-round.


What type of cooking wood do you offer?

We offer a variety of different sizes and species depending on your applications and desired flavor. Wood cuts include chunks, half log splits, and full cooking logs and our most popular species include cherry, oak, and hickory.

What is the best type of wood to cook with?

Choosing your cooking wood can be like choosing ingredients for a meal. Different species provide their own unique flavor profiles. For example, Hickory produces smoky undertones, Cherrywood has fruity notes, and Oak provides a nutty flavor to your food.

Do you recommend chunks, half log splits or cooking logs?

Each cooking application uses a different fire box or fire grate. If the manufacturer doesn’t already advise on what to use, we can recommend a particular cut based on the side of your firebox or grate.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

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My 4th cord of wood in two seasons. Delivered and stacked. The wood is nice and dry, which makes it easier to pick up and bring in several logs at one time. The wood burns beautifully and Steve and his hard working team rate 5 stars.

Karin H.
Norwalk, Connecticut
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Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your fine service, fair prices, and great kiln dried firewood product. Your wood has kept our fires burning hot & clean for quite a few years now. Great service, great product, & fair price. What more could we ask for? Again, many thanks & we look forward to the above for many years to come.
Brian N.
Rye Brook, New York
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I have been using Premier Firewood for the past three years. I could not be happier with their service and product and go through at least 2 cords of wood a year. It is the BEST wood I have ever ordered and used! Steve and his crew are awesome and get you the best wood all the time. I’ve never been disappointed with the wood or the service and would highly recommend them to anyone I know!
Jeff S.
New Canaan, Connecticut
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As I sit here, staring into a gorgeous fire in my wood-burning oven, I am just so grateful for the Premier Firewood Company™. What a great find!! As a food professional (cookbook author, culinary educator and media host), it’s so amazing to be able to cook with such incredible wood, without owning a restaurant! The wood catches quickly, burns cleanly and smells fabulous. And, just as important, everyone connected to this company, from the owners to those that deliver and unpack my wood, is a pleasure to work with. I am thrilled to have this company as a reliable resource to replenish my wood supply and its my joy to recommend them!!

Lauren Groveman, CCP
Weston, Connecticut