The Natural Benefits of Lump Charcoal

By Katie Conaway | cooking wood
Jun. 212018

The occasional outdoor warm-weather “grill master” might still buy lighter fluid and any charcoal currently on sale at the local hardware store. However, most grilling enthusiasts have strong opinions about the best charcoal to fuel their cooking fire. However, if you aren’t familiar with the difference between lump and briquette charcoal, we’ll need to back up a bit and discuss the differences. That’s the only way to explain the natural benefits of lump charcoal, after all!

Lump vs. Briquette

Both types of charcoal are made the same way, wood burned with little oxygen creating condensed carbon by-products. Both are also made from scrap wood pieces. However, lump is considered “natural” since briquettes are created with additives.


Lump charcoal is also known as “natural” hardwood charcoal.

  • Contain no additives
  • Naturally shaped
  • Lights fast, burns hot
  • Produces less ash by-product
  • Easier to adjust temperature during cooking
  • Purer smoke flavor is transferred to food item


Briquette charcoal is a manufactured wood by-product compressed with additives.

  • Regular contains additives
  • Instant contains lighter fluid
  • Burns long
  • Maintains a constant temperature
  • Cheaper
  • Takes longer to light (if it does not contain a lighter fluid additive)

Which one is “best” ultimately comes down to personal preference. Grilling purists, prefer lump charcoal with zeal. Why? There are no additives/man-made chemicals to impede the pure wood flavor transferred to grilled food. So, if an “organic” grilling experience is important, lump charcoal is the way to go. However, if you want to get “more bang for your buck”, briquettes might be the best choice. Cooks choice!

Premier Firewood Recommends Natural, Hardwood Products for the Best Results

Here are Premier Firewood Company™ we recommend and sell lump charcoal for a natural grilling experience. We proudly sell Carvão Braseiro and Royal Oak Lump Charcoal. Make sure to include a bag or two of lump charcoal when ordering your cooking wood for delivery to your home or business. Call Premier Firewood Company™ 203-866-4252 for more information on our firewood and delivery options or order online today!

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