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Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale in Darien, Connecticut

If you’ve been looking for the highest quality of kiln dried firewood for sale, with the best prices and most convenient service, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s because at Premier Firewood Company™, we’ll come to you, with convenient and hassle-free at-home firewood delivery in Darien, Connecticut, and all across Fairfield County.

Firewood for sale Darien CT

We do more than just deliver. We’ll also stack your firewood for you, and if you don’t have your own rack, we can offer you a rack with an easy access cover as well. Whether you want a half or full face cord, fire starters, or even specialty cooking woods, we have you covered.

Premier kiln dries our own firewood, so we can be confident in its quality, as well as the fact that all of our firewood consists of 100% mixed hardwoods. Kiln dried firewood is a superior choice for your home, because it offers greater energy efficiency, a cleaner fire with less soot and creosote, and easy lighting and fire maintenance with low moisture content wood which is guaranteed to burn.

Kiln-Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood

Whether you’re seeking firewood services for your fireplace, chimenea, pizza oven or wood-burning stove, we believe kiln-dried firewood is best. People often ask whether seasoned wood or kiln-dried firewood is better, but we think the answer is obvious. You need to dry seasoned firewood yourself over several years, and usually it only reaches 25% moisture naturally. The benefits of Premier Firewood’s quality kiln-dried wood include:

  • Kiln-dried wood burns cleaner because of the in-house process we use
  • Creepy-crawlies are killed during the drying process
  • Whether you need a full cord or a half cord, the best kiln-dried firewood is always available
  • It’s ready to use immediately and you can count on it to burn hotter than other wood

Our drivers are safe and courteous, as well as knowledgeable about the Darien delivery area, so they will get your firewood to you on time, even if the weather is miserable.

Call Premier Firewood at (203) 866-4252, and let us come to you and handle all of the legwork and logistics. You’ll love how easy and hassle-free our firewood delivery in Darien, CT is, and we know you’ll love the quality of our kiln dried firewood as well.

Darien Firewood Delivery

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