Fairfield Firewood

Fairfield is a city located in Fairfield county, CT. Homeowners already know Premier Firewood Company™ is the go-to choice for home fire wood delivery in Fairfield, Connecticut – either the county or the city. We make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible, and we provide unparalleled quality since we actually kiln-dry our own wood.

kiln dried firewood, Premier Firewood Company™, CT, NYC, NY

Wood after kiln drying, ready for delivery.

The benefits of choosing kiln dried don’t end there, either. It’s also entirely free of all types of bugs and mold. It even gives off less creosote when burned, which reduces your needs for ongoing chimney cleaning and maintenance. In every way, kiln dried is the winner, and Premier Firewood is the leading local provider.

When we delivery firewood to your Fairfield, CT home, we’ll neatly stack your firewood, and can also provide a rack and cover for you. You can sit back and get ready to enjoy your fireplace without any of the legwork or mess that you’ve dealt with in the past.

Our drivers are safe and courteous, as well as knowledgeable about the Fairfield delivery area, so they will get your firewood to you on time, even if the weather is miserable.

Call the Premier Firewood team today at (203) 866-4252, and we’ll get you started with convenient at home fire wood delivery in Fairfield, with the absolute best kiln dried firewood you can find.

Call us at 203-866-4252 today to place your order for kiln dried firewood for sale and delivery in Bedford, NY.

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Delivery and Stacking

Fairfield, CT

Unlike many other companies, we kiln dry all of our own firewood, and we hold ourselves to the very highest quality and consistency standards. Our kiln dried fire wood is energy efficient, giving off 35% more heat than seasoned wood, and it’s also guaranteed to light and burn, with a low moisture content.

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