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Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale in Norwalk, CT

Premier Firewood Company™ is proud to serve the entire local region with quick, easy and hassle-free home firewood delivery. That includes our many happy customers in Norwalk, Connecticut. No more mess and stress for you, just sit back and let us take care of the leg work, delivering our high quality kiln dried firewood for sale straight to your door.

Why Norwalk, CT, Residents Choose Premier Firewood Kiln-Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood

We can provide your home or business with a half cord or full cord of quality firewood for any purpose you choose. Whether it’s for a fire pit, for a stove or to keep your home warm during the winter, we offer residents in Fairfield County the highest quality wood for the lowest cost.

stacked firewood after deliver

I love this photo! A nice close-up of stacked firewood. A stable stack is very important. So we’re mindful of how we stack firewood during a delivery. This was taken after a delivery in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Kiln-Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood

While you can dry and cut seasoned firewood yourself, the process is long and arduous. Even after a couple of years drying out, you don’t get the same low moisture content offered by kiln-dried wood. Plus, you’ll find the smoke of seasoned firewood is thicker and smells more, so toasting marshmallows or cooking pizza doesn’t have the clean, delicious aftertaste you’d hope for.

On the other hand, with kiln-dried wood, the fire burns hot and clean, so you get a mouthwatering flavor and minimal smoke. It’s easier to get hold of kiln-dried firewood because the process to dry it is simple and kiln-dried logs are ready to use as soon as you get them.

We don’t stop there, either. We’ll even stack the wood logs for you, and can provide you with a rack and cover, if needed. Plus, if you’re looking for any other accessories, from cooking woods to fire starters, we’ll be able to help you out with that as well.

There’s more to Premier Firewood Company™ than convenience though. We offer our customers the highest quality of kiln dried firewood for sale. This type of firewood provides a huge range of benefits for the home. It’s energy efficient, giving off up to 35% more heat than seasoned wood. It burns clean, gives off less creosote, and is completely free of insects and mold. With a lower moisture content, it’s even guaranteed to burn.

Our drivers are safe and courteous, as well as knowledgeable about the Norwalk delivery area, so they will get your firewood to you on time, even if the weather is miserable.

Give the Premier Firewood Company™ team a call today at (203) 866-4252 and before you know it, you’ll be basking in the heat of a beautifully glowing fireplace. Or get started right now by placing your order online for home firewood delivery in Norwalk, CT.

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