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Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale in Ridgefield, CT

For homeowners in the Ridgefield, Connecticut area, Premier Firewood Company™ is the leading provider of kiln dried firewood for sale.

We also offer hassle-free, convenient firewood delivery services. You’ll love the quality of our products along with the quality of our service, making your fireplace something you can actually enjoy once again, and regularly put to use.

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Firewood Delivered To Your Door and Carefully Stacked

Not only do we bring your firewood straight to your home with our delivery, but we take care of all of the legwork, too. That means we stack the firewood for you, as opposed to leaving it in a heap on your driveway somewhere. If you need a rack, or rack cover, you’ll even be able to include those in your order as well. No more time or energy wasted, no more mess, just convenient, on-demand service.

Further, our kiln dried firewood is of the highest quality. There are many specific benefits to using this type of wood. For instance, it gives off 35% more heat than seasoned wood, and thanks to its low moisture content, it’s actually guaranteed to burn. It’s more energy efficient, and it burns clean, with no mold or insects, and less creosote as well.

Get started with Premier Firewood Company™’s firewood for sale and delivery in Ridgefield, CT.

Call us at 203-866-4252 or submit an online order form today.

Ridgefield Firewood Delivery

Ridgefield, CT

Click for firewood delivery prices for Ridgefield. We offer fast, reliabile deliver and stack our kiln dried firewood throughout the Ridgefield, CT area. We’re probably already delivering near you!