Stamford, CT Cords of Firewood

Stamford Firewood Delivery from Premier Firewood

Stamford, Connecticut homeowners know they can trust and depend upon the Premier Firewood Company™. We offer everything you need to keep your home warm and toasty, with the highest quality kiln dried fire wood for sale, hassle-free delivery straight to your doorstep (or rack), and affordable prices to match.

Cords of wood for sale in Stamford, CT

We know you’ll love the quality of our firewood, as well as our service and everything else we have to offer. Here’s why:

  • Firewood delivery in Stamford, Connecticut makes your life easier. Forget about hauling firewood, creating a mess, and spending all that time and energy. We’ll deliver to your home, we’ll stack your firewood instead of leaving it in a heap, and we can also provide the rack and cover you need.
  • Premier Firewood is one of the few companies who kiln dries our own firewood. You won’t beat our quality anywhere else.
  • Kiln dried fire wood for sale offers a low moisture content which ensures that it’s guaranteed to burn. It’s also more energy efficient, providing 35% more heat than seasoned woods.
  • Spend less time with maintenance and cleaning because kiln dried firewood gives off less creosote. It’s also free of all bugs, insects and mold.
stack of firewood in stamford

Our drivers are safe and courteous, as well as knowledgeable about the Stamford delivery area, so they will get your firewood to you on time, even if the weather is miserable.

Place your order today by calling Premier Firewood at (203) 866-4252. We know you’ll be happy.

Delivery and Stacking

Stamford, CT

Check out our firewood cord and accessory prices for Stamford. We offer quick, dependable delivery. We even stack our kiln dried firewood at your house. We’re probably already delivering in Stamford to your very own neighbors! We also have white birch available for that extra special touch.