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Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale in Westport, Connecticut

Premier Firewood offers firewood delivery in Westport, Connecticut. Now you can say goodbye to hauling loads of firewood in the back of your car, and let us come to you for a smooth and seamless experience.

We kiln dry our own firewood, so we know it’s of the highest possible quality and standards. Kiln dried firewood is energy efficient, producing 35% more heat than seasoned wood, it’s guaranteed to burn, it’s clean, and creates  less creosote.

When you buy kiln dried firewood for sale from Premier, you’ll have several different choices. You can order in half face cord or full face cord sizes, which is equal to about 25 or 50 bundles, respectively. We also provide 100% white birch firewood, specialty cooking woods to help you maximize flavor on your barbecue or smoker, fire starters and more. If you need a rack and cover, we can even provide that, too!

Plus, when Premier comes to your home, we don’t just leave your firewood sitting on the driveway. We stack it ourselves, so there’s absolutely no hassle, stress, or mess on your end. It’s another way that we do everything we can to provide the best possible service, and that’s why we have so many satisfied customers and clients all throughout Westport, CT and the entire Fairfield County area.

Our drivers are safe and courteous, as well as knowledgeable about the Westport delivery area, so they will get your firewood to you on time, even if the weather is miserable.

Call our office at (203) 866-4252, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or help you get started with our great firewood delivery services in Westport today.

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