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Spark Something Good

When you start a fire, you spark a conversation with nature, you start a meal, you start an evening with friends, you spark a new memory.

Since the dawn of time, since our ancestors started the very first fire, time spent around a fire is time well spent. It’s time for stories, laughter, and life lessons while the wood burns down. Today it’s time for cooking, music, and first s’mores. A fire is more than just a fire—it’s a beacon of welcome, a lighthouse on land. Everyone has a seat at the fireplace, campfire, or fire-pit.

Premium Kiln Dried Firewood

Highest Quality. Affordable. Home Delivered.

We believe that every time you light a Premier fire, you’re starting something good. We’re proud of the superior kiln-dried firewood and cooking woods we ship directly to customers, or hand-deliver and stack throughout the New York and Connecticut area. For years we’ve been the trusted source of the best firewood and cooking woods in Connecticut and New York. Order firewood for localy delivery in New York and Connecticut.

Fire Starters

Starting a fire in your fireplace and maintaining it is not as simple as throwing some logs in a pile, and lighting a match.


Cooking Woods

Oak firewood, hickory firewood, cherry firewood, apple firewood and more are all available for both home & business.


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“It is the BEST wood I have ever ordered and used!”

Jeff S., New Canaan, Connecticut


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