Wood Heat vs. Propane Heat: Why does wood heat win?

By Premier Firewood Company | Burning Wood for Heat
Nov. 262013

As a homeowner, it’s important to make the right decisions for your home and your family, especially in today’s economic climate. One of the major debates that many homeowners have each winter is whether they should be using propane heat or wood heat, in their homes during the frigid winter months. In this article, we’ll discuss the wood heat vs. propane heat debate, and why wood heat for your home is a superior choice across several different areas.Wood Heat vs. Propane Heat

One of the major points of concern is of course the cost of heating your home with different methods. The best way to compare the costs of home heating fuel or sources is to look at how much is spent on the heating source to obtain how many BTUs. When taking efficiency into account, and then setting a comparable standard such as the cost per 1 million BTUs, it’s easy to see cost differences.

With this system, high quality firewood can be obtained for about $16.25 per million BTUs, one of the cheaper options on the homeowner level. In comparison, propane can be purchased for approximately $27.25 per million BTUs, one of the most expensive options for an individual homeowner, with electric heat still notably being more expensive.

Of course, with a wood stove providing heat for the home during the winter months, there’s never any risk that your home and your family goes without heat, as long as you’re stocked up with enough firewood. There’s no dependence on electrical systems or power of any kind, so your heat is always up and running. If power is lost, your wood stove also does double duty, providing light for the home, and even offering you the ability to cook as well.

The best firewood for your home is high quality kiln dried firewood. Kiln dried firewood is more efficient than seasoned wood, giving off up to 35% more heat. That makes a huge difference not only in the warmth you feel from your fireplace, but also how rapidly you go through your supply. Kiln dried firewood is also guaranteed to burn, due to low moisture content, it’s clean of mold and insects, and it gives off less creosote as well.

That means there’s a great range of benefits to not only choosing wood heat for your home, but specifically with choosing kiln dried firewood.

If you’re ready to get started with kiln dried firewood for sale in New York and Connecticut, then give Premier Firewood Company™ a call today at 203.866.4252 and we’ll get you set up with convenient home delivery.

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