Wood Chips? Wood Chunks? Would it Matter to Your Food? Yes!

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Aug. 292014
Premier Firewood Company™
Confused about whether to use wood chips or chunks? We will clear this up right now!


One of the easiest way to bring a different flavor to your meats, is to use kiln dried cooking woods. When these woods smoke, they enhance your food by delivering a succulent and distinct flavor.

Today’s blog post will focus on the different type of woods, should you soak them or not and how to use them in your everyday backyard grill.

What are Wood Chips?

Chips are shavings and scraps of wood from logs and generally have a fast burn rate.

What are Wood Chunks?

Chunks are usually small pieces of wood that take longer to ignite, but can burn for up to an hour in a grill.

Should You Soak the Wood or Not?

Most experts agree that soaking is unnecessary for wood chunks, but ideal for wood chips since they are smaller pieces of wood and tend to burn faster. It extends the life of the chips and adds additional flavor to the meat.

What Should You Soak Your Wood Chips in?

Suggestions include:

  • Apple Juice
  • Wine and
  • Brandy

But the reality is, it is completely up to you!

How Long Should You Soak Your Chips?

The recommended time is 30+ minutes.

What Meats Do Best with Wood Chips?

Small pieces of meat, such as sausages, chicken breasts and smaller pieces of steak.

What Meats Cook Best with Wood Chunks?

Whole Chickens, Ribs and large pieces of steak become most flavorful with wood chunks.

How to Use Chips or Chunks on a Charcoal Grill

Once your coals are completely grey, place wood chips or chunks directly on the charcoal. Wait about 1 minute for the chips to stop flaming and 5 minutes for the chunks to do the same, before putting on your meats.

Use chips if your grill time is 10 minutes or less. For longer cooking times, use wood chunks.

How to Use Chips or Chunks on a Propane Grill

Place wood chunks on the grilling surface around the meat. Put the lid down and your meats will absorb the smoke flavor produced from the wood.

How can Premier Firewood Company™ Help?

We sell kiln dried cooking wood chips and chunks for your grilling pleasure! Whether you are a professional grill master or are just looking to spice things up for your weekend barbeque, we have wood that is perfect for cooking. Give us a call at 203.866.4252 to talk to our cooking woods experts about chips, chunks and cooking woods!

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