6 Wood Burning Stove Myths

By Dede Mulligan | Burning Wood for Heat
Jul. 282015

Wood burning stoves have changed a lot in the past few decades, and with this change, many misconceptions have come along. I want to help clear things up and tell you the most common myths about these stoves.

Myth: Burning wood is bad for the environment

Burning firewood does release carbon into the atmosphere, but the tree only lets off what it absorbed in its lifetime. This makes it carbon neutral and much greener than burning fossil fuels.

Myth: You can’t have a wood burning stove in a smoke controlled area

A number of modern wood stoves burn so cleanly that you can still have them in smoke controlled areas. Just check with your retailer to be sure you get the right stove.

Myth: The same person who fit my gas central heating can install my wood burning stove

Absolutely not! Just like a plumber can’t necessarily do landscaping, an expert in gas is not certified in wood burning stoves. This would be very dangerous; there are risks for carbon monoxide if the fitting isn’t done properly. Use a certified technician and do not buy into the DIY installations.

Myth: They arent more efficient than an open fire

Most modern, quality wood stoves will operate at 70-85% efficiency when the door is closed. Open fires only operate around 20% efficiency, so 80% of the heat is lost in your chimney.

Myth: Anything can be burned on a wood burning stove

You should only burn seasoned or kiln dried firewood. Green or unseasoned wood is very smokey, will not burn as cleanly, and will not get as hot.

Myth: Having a wood burning stove is much more work than central heating

You can have ready-to-burn firewood delivered right to your door. It’s not much work, a lot greener, and any wood stove owner would agree that it’s worth it!

Premier Firewood Company™ Can Supply the Fuel for Your Wood Burning Stove

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