10 Great DIY Halloween Mantle Decoration Ideas

By Dede Mulligan | fireplace
Oct. 62015
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What are your Halloween mantle decoration plans?

Making great Halloween decorations doesn’t have to break the bank, and it can also be fun for the whole family. Premier Firewood Company™ wants to help you make your favorite firewood burning places look extra spooky for this upcoming Halloween.

10 Spooktacular Ideas


  1. Use Halloween colors – If I dare wear green and red anytime other than December, people will say to me, “You look like Christmas!” It is no different with Halloween. Try to find items that are “Halloween colors”, this means: Purple, Orange, and Black. You can use variations of these colors, but sticking to those three will remind everyone who sees your mantle that you love Halloween.
  2. Frequent the thrift store – If you want to find good stuff on the cheap, your local thrift store can help. Every year my dad would go to the thrift store to buy clothes that he could make scarecrows with, and it is no different than when you are shopping for your fireplace mantle!
  3. Make it fun for the kids – Be creative! Get orange construction paper, scissors, string, and black markers and you and the family can make some small pumpkins that you can string along the mantle, or you can make little bats with black paper and scissors and stick them on the wall. It will decorate your mantle, and your kids will be sure to tell everyone about the fun art project they did with you.
  4. Create Balloon Ghosts – You can make some friendly (or not-so-friendly) ghosts out of just a white balloon, a glow stick, and a black marker. Ignite the glow stick and put it in the balloon, then blow the balloon up and draw a spooky face on it! These are great for parties because the glow sticks will usually last about 8 hours.
  5. Take new family pictures – Everyone likes to see the family up on the mantle, get your costumes early this year and you can take some fun pictures and replace the normal pictures with silly costume pictures.
  6. Buy tiny fake spiders – At any dollar store you should be able to buy these plastic spiders. Put them around on the mantle and inside lampshades as they will cast shadows on the wall!
  7. Display your potions  – Find some old empty glass bottles, fill them with different colored water, and put a new label on them that says, “Frog’s Breath”, “Poison”, or “Skunk Oil”. Put these on top of your mantle. .
  8. Show off your Halloween books –  a mantle is a great place to showcase your Halloween books! Pull them out during the course of this holiday season and read them to your children.
  9. Showcase scary words – Write “Eek!” “Boo!” or “Trick or Treat” on a large chalkboard on the mantle or next to your fireplace.
  10. Talk to us – Premier Firewood Company™ offers white birch firewood that provides a beautiful look for your fireplace and your firewood rack. Set birch logs up next to your mantle or put them in the fireplace and enjoy a great looking, environmentally friendly fire with your friends and family.

Premier Firewood Company™ Has One More Tip

Remember this is Fire Prevention Week so follow the tip below! 

Before starting a fire, remove combustible decorations that are  within 3 feet of the firebox to prevent the risk of an accidental fire. And always use a fire screen to prevent embers from jumping from the fireplace while it is in use.


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