fire prevention month

Nov. 302022
By noblehouseseo | Blog, Building a Fire, Burning Wood for Heat, cooking wood, fire prevention month
Your beautiful and custom-made fireplace is only as good as the “premier firewood” you put into it. When you’re hosting friends or family for a Christmas party, having a beautiful and crackling fireplace can make everything feel just a little...
Sep. 252018
By Katie Conaway | fire prevention month, Fire Safety
October is Fire Prevention Month, reminding us to change the batteries in smoke detectors and make sure to be prepared in case of fire in the home. However, do you really know how to prevent a fire? Learn common-sense practices...
Oct. 132016
By Dede Mulligan | fire prevention month
  Don’t Wait: Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years October is National Fire Prevention Month where the focus is on your preparedness and precaution when it comes to house fires. In a recent survey conducted by the...