5 Memorable Fireside Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Dede Mulligan | fireplace
Feb. 12016

Valentine’s Day is full of romance, love and affection. But the question often arises “How can we celebrate it in a unique, loving way?”  Most Valentine’s Days involve candy, stuffed animals or dinner in an overcrowded restaurant. While these ideas are fun, they aren’t very creative or exciting. In order to make this day extra special, here are 5 ideas to ensure this holiday is romantic and memorable.


Hold A Fireside Indoor Picnic

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The cold weather makes it difficult to host a romantic picnic outdoors. Instead, plan an indoor picnic with your Valentine. Set the mood –  If you have a fireplace, spread out a blanket in front of it, set up some candles, and crack open a bottle of wine. Check out this handy wine and cheese pairing chart to start the date off right. Fill a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruit (chocolate covered strawberries are very romantic), and other easy-to-eat foods.

Have a Movie Night

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Grab some popcorn and settle in for a movie night. Pick movies neither of you have seen or watch old favorites. Cuddle up on the couch or create comfy seating on the floor by a fireplace. Not much for movies? Check out streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu and catch up on your favorite shows. Spend the day watching the whole season of a show you love or watch movies from the romance category.

Rent a Romantic Cabin

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Since New York and Connecticut are close to mountain ranges, there are plenty of cabin rental options. Rent a cabin nestled deep in the woods, turn off your electronics and spend a romantic evening with your Valentine. Many cabins come equipped with fireplaces and hot tubs — some even offer amenities such as massages or room service.

Plan a Weekend Trip

Rockefeller Center, NYC, Weekend get-away, Premier Firewood Company™

New York and Connecticut offer many different weekend getaway destinations. You can take your Valentine to the Big Apple for a few days for shopping and nightlife. You can catch a show on Broadway or ice skate hand-in-hand in Rockefeller Center. Connecticut offers many ski lodges and resorts for you and your loved one to escape. The options are endless!

Cook Together

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Cooking together is a great way to get to know more about your Valentine. Make it even more fun by choosing a theme. Have you always wanted to visit Italy? Break out the pizza stone and make homemade pizza. You could also try your hand at making homemade pasta sauce and noodles. Get a bottle of Italian wine, a pint of gelato, and play some Italian music in the background for an authentic experience!


If you’re not much of a chef, there are many services out there that will deliver ingredients and instructions for meals to your door. Check out Plated, HelloFresh, Chefday! and BlueApron to get an idea of what recipes you can cook up this Valentine’s Day.


Let Premier Firewood Company™ Light Your Fire

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