Are You Using the Best Wood for Your Fall Fire Pit?

By Katie Conaway | Burning Wood for Heat
Sep. 262016

Nothing sounds better than sitting around a roaring fire on a chilly fall evening with friends and/or family. But, have you ever been consumed by smoke so thick that you ended up making an excuse to cut the night short, just to get away from it? It’s probably because you were not using the right wood.

Most images of backyard fires show of piles of sticks or any kind of scrap wood piled on top of one another for burning. For most people, an outside fire is something to multitask; get rid of undesirable wood and enjoy the glow of a fire on a cool night. However, those two things seldom go “hand in hand”. If you are planning an outside fire in a fire pit, to truly enjoy, it is important to be prepared and consider the wood you will burn.


Low Moisture Wood is Essential

In previous blogs we stressed the importance of thoroughly dried out wood, specifically for wood burning fires. When using a fire pit as the focal point of a fall party, be prepared so the evening will be pleasant and not turn into a frustrating event. Really dry wood, like kiln dried wood, has benefits that will assure you a successful outdoor fire everyone can enjoy on a chilly evening.

Below are the undeniable benefits of choosing a kiln dried wood for your next outdoor fire:

  • Easy to start; you don’t want to be left holding the matches in frustration while everyone waits for the fire to start
  • Produces more heat; kiln dried wood burns 35% more efficiently than regular wood
  • Burns cleanly; less smoke is produced because there is virtually no moisture to “burn off”
  • Use less wood; since kiln dried wood is more efficient, you won’t constantly have to “throw another log on the fire”

So remember, if you want to get your party started quickly and make it last, be sure to only burn dry wood in your backyard fire pit!

Premier Firewood Company™ Has the Best Fire Pit Wood

We can deliver your fire pit wood straight to your home in New York or Connecticut. No more mess, no more hassle, and no more hauling wood. Just quick, easy service; we’ll even stack up your firewood for you, too! Order online, or call us at 203-866-4252 today, and we’ll tell you more about why Premier’s kiln dried firewood is the best wood for your backyard fire pit.


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