Enjoy a Festive, but Safe Fire Over the Holidays

By Katie Conaway | Fire Safety, Holiday
Dec. 122016

The most festive holiday settings inevitably take place around the warm glow of a wood burning fire. Nothing is more cozy and comforting than a fire in a beautifully decorated mantel. When there is a wood burning fire, it awakens all the senses and calms the soul. It’s important to be careful though, or your comforting fireside holiday celebration could turn to disaster in a matter of moments! Be mindful of the potential disasters lurking behind the comforting glow of your wood burning hearth this holiday season.

Safety Around the Fireplace

As mentioned in previous blogs, make sure to be ready for the burning season by having your chimney inspected and repaired if necessary. Once that is done, get ready to decorate! The focal point of any holiday decorating is undeniably the fireplace. During the Christmas season, the decorations are usually more elaborate which also means more potential for fire. Be smart and decorate with safety in mind.

Holiday Decorations

The mantle is a perfect backdrop for a festive scene. Remember the following tips when decorating around your roaring fire this season:

  • Hang the stockings with care, but remove them when you have a fire in your fireplace
  • Make sure ribbons, garlands, greenery and/or any other type of decorating material is not draping down in front of the fireplace opening
  • Place your Christmas tree (real or artificial) at least three feet away from a fireplace (or any type of heating source)

Christmas Trees

Both real and artificial trees are very flammable, according to the National Fire Protection Association. For both types of trees it is important to remember the following:

  • Do not put real candles or fire sources on the tree
  • Replace strings of lights that have worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections
  • Always turn off the lights when going to bed or leaving the vicinity
  • Real Trees – should be fresh and kept for no longer than four weeks (for more on fresh Christmas trees, visit CBS News)

Burning Materials

Never use your fireplace a an incinerator. Only wood should be burned in a fireplace. Don’t be tempted to burn:

  • Boxes and Gift wrapping – these can create a “flash fire” and release toxic fumes into the room from the dyes and glitter used on the paper and also become airborne when burning, blowing into the room or up the chimney
  • Artificial greenery – the plastic will smoke and emit unhealthy gases into the room
  • Real greenery – will spark, sending embers into the room that can start a fire on carpet or furniture

In addition to decorating, Christmas trees and burning only wood in your fireplace, make sure to warn children of hot glass doors or screens on the fireplace. Best rule of thumb is to always keep an eye on the little ones and make sure they do not get too close to the crackling fire. Follow these tips and you will be sure to be safe around the fireplace this holiday season!

Photo by Erica George Dines, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

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