Choosing a Fireplace is a Matter of Purpose

By Katie Conaway | fireplace
Dec. 202016

There are several fireplace options when building or remodeling your home today. Choosing which one is best is a matter of purpose. Some options are cheaper than others, easier to install, easier to maintain, but not all fireplace options provide them same look and feel. Therefore, it is important to determine what you are looking for in a fireplace first.

Selecting a Fireplace

When most people think of “home” it usually involves a fireplace somewhere is their thoughts. I know on a cold New England night a home without a fireplace is really no home at all. Nothing beats the warmth and glow of a fireplace that awakens your senses and enables cozy comfort and relaxation to settle into the psyche.

There are basically three types of fireplace to choose from when building or remodeling according to Zillow.

  • Wood burning
  • Gas/Ethanol
  • Electric

Which one to choose is directly related to the purpose of the fireplace.

Purpose of the Fireplace

When planning to remodel or build a new home, if there is going to be a fireplace, then it needs to be determined and planned for at inception. The more important thing to determine is the overall purpose of the fireplace. Which of the following purposes is more important that your fireplace provide to your home:

  • Ambiance
  • Heat source

If looking for ambiance, nothing beats a wood burning fireplace, hands down. Gas and even electric fireplaces can mimic the look of a wood burning fire and even provide some crackling, but your sense of smell is left out in the cold. However, if you want a fireplace in a room or location that makes a chimney impractical, gas and electric fireplaces might be a better fit. In this respect, the importance of the fireplace is more of a decorative item rather than a means ambiance and comfort.

All three options provide good sources of heat. However, if you are looking for an efficient heat source, gas and electric fireplaces can be a good option. They not only burn hot, but are easily controlled since the heat can be turned up or down at will. However, if your fuel source is cut off or the electricity goes out, be prepared for a bitter winter’s night!

All options are good, however if you are looking for ambiance that will awaken ALL senses, look no further than the wood burning fireplace. Nothing wraps you in comfort better than smelling, seeing and hearing a real wood fire burning in your fireplace during the winter months.

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