Fireplace Makeover Ideas for 2017

By Dede Mulligan | fireplace, Firewood
Jan. 192017



There is no doubt about it, most fireplaces are the focal point of any given room. Since this is the start of a fresh year, you may be thinking of a remodeling or updating the room where the fireplace is located. But the overriding question is, “Does your fireplace need to be refreshed as well?” The answer, without a doubt, is YES!

Here is a relatively simple checklist of things to consider before starting your room update project.

Fireplace Makeover Ideas Checklist

Before purchasing the paint, vetting contractors or moving furniture, take a few days to think about the following:

  1. What is the overall budget for the room update and how much will be spent on the fireplace?
    It is important to establish this upfront. This budget will determine how much you can do with a contractor or need to do yourself. If you are unsure of the cost, ask a contractor or two come out and quote you a price.
  2. Determine if the fireplace needs a major renovation or minor updates (painting, new mantle, etc.) will do.
  3. Create a list of all the materials needed for the fireplace. Here is an idea of what you need to assess:
    1. What kind of materials are going to be around your fireplace? Marble? Tile? Limestone?
    2. If your space is small, you want to go as clean as possible with light and airy materials.
    3. Are you keeping the mantle or replacing it? Many refubished fireplaces eliminate the mantel all together.
    4. Purchase paint, tape and drop cloths (if you are doing it yourself). White seems to be the color of choice for 2017, but that doesn’t always apply for a larger room with dark wood.
    5. Are you keeping or adding a storage area for kiln dried firewood?
  4. Next, set up a project timeline so you know how long the room will be “under construction”.
  5. After everything is finished, relax with a fire and enjoy the room!

In Closing

Few things command a room like a fireplace. Be sure to take the time to make yours really pop when you update your room. And remember, kiln dried firewood has no moisture or insects. It is a perfect compliment to a beautiful room!

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