All About White Birch

By Katie Conaway | Firewood
Feb. 22017

Have you ever been perusing a home decorating magazine and/or website and noticed the firewood used to stage fashionable fireplaces in the photos? In most cases, the firewood chosen to showcase a perfectly decorated fireplace is white birch. It is considered by far to be the the most eye catching firewood homeowners and decorators choose. It’s white bark with black markings is very unique, but don’t discount the other benefits of this preferred firewood.

White Birch Burns Uniquely Efficient

The way white birch burns is noted as markedly different when compared to other firewood. White birch produces brilliantly white colored flames and emits a unique, pleasing scent when burning. Legend has it that burning white birch is good for your health, although this has not been proven by medical professionals. The leaves of the birch tree have been noted to have health benefits, however, according to WebMD.

White birch burns very efficiently. To understand why white birch is considered a superior firewood, let’s step back and understand how firewood is categorized. There are two basic groups of firewood, hardwoods and softwoods. White birch is a hardwood, in the same group as maple, elm, ash, and oak. When kiln dried, these hardwoods burn very clean, hot and efficient.

As stated in a previous blog, birch firewood produces 20.2 million BTUs per cord, giving it one of the highest energy contents in wood. In fact, it is the preferred firewood in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia; countries known for their long, harsh winters.

Aside from the unique properties displayed and emitted when white birch is burned, this type of firewood is aesthetically appealing. Since it is firewood, it is often showcased around a hearth.

White Birch Provides Pizazz to Your Decorating

Round log bundles of white birch are used by decorators around and within a wood burning fireplace. When kiln dried, the threat of bug infestation or mold spores invading your inside space is eliminated. This makes kiln dried white birch logs perfect for decorative reasons. Their striking white bark with black markings enables them to add just enough “pop” to any staging scenario for both home or places of business (i.e.restaurants with wood burning fireplaces).

Birch wood logs are used by decorators for additional flare 

Fashionable landscape companies and florists look to white birch logs to provide height and decorative flare to outside pots during the winter months. Sticks and other types of logs provide a different textural feel to a landscape display, but nothing beats the look of white birch round logs to provide just that extra something special!

Birch wood round logs add depth to landscaping pots

Premier Firewood Now Has White Birch Round Logs

Looking for white birch firewood for sale? Premier Firewood Company™ offers both split log bundles and round log bundles of white birch and other kiln dried firewoods. Give us a call at 203-866-4252 today to order your white birch firewood, and see how it adds a unique look to your home and hearth.

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