Romantic Evening at Home Checklist

By Katie Conaway | fireplace
Feb. 142017

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year. Just when the week is starting to swing into gear, the obligation to show your someone special is thrown into the mix! Never fear, if this holiday snuck up on you there are some easy alternatives to create a romantic evening at home with your someone special.

Step 1: Declare the Date

  • Make a point to “invite” your loved one to a special evening at home (via text, voicemail or personal invitation prior to the evening)
  • Try to make it home at the same time
  • When arriving home, leave the rest of the day behind and switch gears to your partner

Step 2: Set the Mood

  • Ignite the romance with a little firelight from candles and/or a fire in the fireplace
  • Play soothing music in the background
  • Carry-in or cook dinner together at home (but make sure that the dinner is not too challenging, the point is to do something together, as free of stress as possible!)

Step 3: Tune In, Instead of Out

  • Turn off your phone (or at least on vibrate if your job prohibits being entirely out of contact)
  • Do not turn on the TV
  • Sit down to eat together, either at the table or comfortably in your living room with cozy, romantic firelight

Step 4: Focus on Each Other

  • Try not to talk about work, current events or even the kids (if applicable)
  • Reminisce about how you met and quality time you have spent together
  • Make plans for future one-on-one time together
  • Simply enjoy sitting together and relaxing, don’t feel the need to constantly fill your time together with chatter

Premier Firewood Can Help Ignite the Romance!

A crackling fire in your fireplace is the perfect way to create a romantic evening at home! We offer the best kiln dried firewood in the NYC and CT areas at great prices, excellent service and convenience.  Premier Firewood Company™ can deliver firewood to your residence or restaurant, and stack the wood for you at no extra charge. Give us a call today at 203-866-4252.

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