Refresh Your Fireplace, Refresh Your Home!

By Katie Conaway | fireplace
May. 92017

Lets face it, a wood burning fireplace is the focal point to any home. As with any feature within a domestic dwelling, decorating trends do change from year to year. When updating an existing fireplace there are popular trends that can guide and inspire you before committing to any changes.


There are three ways to update an existing fireplace:

  1. Enhance existing features
  2. Add or remove features
  3. Replace features to change the overall decor (i.e. from traditional to modern)


When enhancing the existing wood burning fireplace, the most cost effective way is to paint the wood or brick a different color. For example, the simple act of painting a dark brick fireplace hearth a lighter color can add additional light and a more spacious feel to the room. Visitors will be amazed by how much larger the room will feel when the fireplace is brought into the light!

Refresh Your Fireplace By Painting the Brick

On the other hand, if the fireplace is already light and airy and the room feels a bit “cold” a warmer hue may just be the ticket to create a cozy, comfortable space to gather with family and friends.

Add Wainscoting Over Brick or Stone

If the brick or stone is out of date, a cost-effective way to update the fireplace is by covering it with wainscoting. Although wainscoting is usually used to add wood paneling to the lower part of a wall, it can be used to cover above the mantel or cover all aspects of an existing fireplace to provide a comprehensive change of appearance.

Shiplap is also another popular way to update an existing hearth.

Refresh Your Fireplace by Adding Shiplap

Replace the Mantel

The mantel is sometimes the most interesting part of a fireplace. Historic homes are proof to be sure! These majestic homes of bygone eras often utilized the mantel to demonstrate the wealth of the owner by showcasing rare marble imported from far away locations and/or the artwork of famous artisans in the form of custom carvings and sculptures.

If looking for a more down-to-earth feel to the wood burning fireplace, replace an existing wood-trimmed mantel with a rustic barn beam. Change a traditional fireplace to a modern fireplace by replacing the wood mantel with metal. Other interesting options include:

  • Railroad ties
  • Limestone
  • Stucco
  • Tile

Whatever the material that appeals to you, be sure that it is possible to make it into a mantel!

No matter what is decided to refresh your wood burning fireplace, know there are lots of options to explore and consider. Remember as stated in a previous blog, it’s a good rule of thumb to determine the budget, project scope, list of materials needed, and a project timeline before making any changes to the existing structure. In other words, decide what you want, make a plan and enjoy a well thought out home improvement project!

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