Halloween Fire Pit Party

By Katie Conaway | Fire Safety, Holiday
Oct. 232017

Some of the best Halloween parties are held outdoors. Why? Because guests can soak in all the fall colors and smells and set the tone for a spooky encounter.  Halloween is fired inspired, after all, so make sure to light up the fire pit to cast shadows to set the mood!

Set the Scene

Embrace the chilly night by making sure your guests are warm and can easily navigate the flame flickering ambiance.

  • Line the entrance/pathway to the fire pit party location with Halloween inspired luminaries
  • Provide extra blankets, hats, mittens/gloves in case guest have not dressed for the drop in temperature (e.g. a child dressed as a mermaid will most likely get cold and therefore cranky)
  • Set up chairs or bales of hay covered with blankets for plenty of seating around the fire

Warm Food, Happy Guests

Let’s face it, the central element to all parties is food. Since Halloween night is typically chilly in most parts of the United States, you’ll want to make sure to have warm food on hand. Below are some ideas to satisfy any craving and provide self-serve options so the host can enjoy the party too:

  • S’Mores (this goes without saying, really!)
  • Chili cooked over the firepit, with a table of fixings (cheese, sour cream, onions, crackers, chips etc.)
  • Warm hot chocolate, coffee, cider, hot buttered rum stored in thermoses and served in a keepsake mug
  • Hot dogs on skewers with buns and condiments at the ready
  • Warm fondue or chocolate in crockpots with bread, cookies, fruit for dipping

Channel Your Inner Storyteller

While guests are eating and socializing, gather everyone around for a thrilling tale harnessing the Halloween season of fun. In other words, put down all electronic devices and return to the good old days of a spinning a story for entertainment. After all, nothing is more spooky than our imagination. It’s important to mind your audience, though, you don’t want the little ones going home with minds full of nightmares.

Don’t Have a Fire Pit? No Problem! You can buy one at your local fireplace, hardware or super store. If you are more ambitious, you can build a temporary fire pit yourself. Whatever you do make sure safety comes first:

  • Build or position the fire pit 10 feet away from any structure
  • Never leave the fire unattended
  • Clean up leaves, sticks or any flammable debris around the area
  • Have water (hose or bucket) nearby in case of errant sparks
  • Position seating 3 feet from the fire
  • Extinguish the fire completely by gently pouring water over any live coals at the end of the party

Plan ahead, embrace the night and return to the good old days of storytelling to have the best Halloween fire pit party ever!

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