Amazing Campfire Cooking Tips and Tricks

By Katie Conaway | Wood Fired Cooking, wood fired cooking
Jul. 172018

Planning a camping trip? If you are planning to eat all of your meals over a campfire, you’re probably dreading the labor involved in planning the meals, packing the food items and preparing the food once you are deep in the woods in front of the wood burning fire.

Before you start packing the same old items, consider some room and time saving campfire cooking tips and tricks from those who have forged the trail ahead of you. Then sit back and spend more time enjoying the campfire than toiling over the campfire during your next camping trip.

Keep Food Cold

  • Freeze bottles/jugs of water instead of using ice
  • Freeze your meat
  • Mount a small thermometer inside the cooler
  • Fill the cooler with all cold items (a full cooler stays colder longer)

Save Time Cooking

  • Chop food before packing (this save room as well as prep time during mealtime)
  • Use tin foil to cook pouches to cook meat, veggies, spices
  • Pack chocolate topped cookies for s’mores
  • Prepare pancake mix and scrambled eggs before you go in clean condiment squeeze top bottles
  • Cover food while cooking (this speeds up the cooking time and keeps yucky bugs/debris out)
  • Heat cleaning while you eat the meal

Stay Organized

  • Only pack the dishes, pots, pans that will be used (dutch ovens and cast iron skillets are essential campfire cooking equipment)
  • Place washed dishes in a mesh bag and hang on a line between trees to dry (this saves time drying, clears space in the campsite and ultimately keeps the dishes clean, free of dirt and debris)
  • Place the items for each meal in it’s own plastic grocery bag in the cooler, for quick access per day/meal (make sure the last day’s meals are on the bottom and subsequent meals are placed according to day with the first day’s meals on top)

Follow these unique tips and tricks and enjoy the great outdoors during mealtime to its fullest. Between meals, don’t forget to put food away in a chuck box, up in a tree or in your car if applicable. No one wants to experience a bear or other unwanted wildlife wandering into the campsite for a late night snack!

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