How the Primitive Cob Oven Became a Modern Sustainable Sensation

By Katie Conaway | Wood Fired Cooking
Sep. 172018

Next time you tuck into the wood-fired deliciousness of a crisp, smoke flavored artisan pizza, say a prayer of thanks to the primitive cob oven. Without this ancient cooking device, pizza, perfectly seared meats and vegetables would not be possible. It all started with a mixture of earthen materials to form a cooking structure fueled by wood.

What is a Cob Oven?

If you are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, chances are you’ve heard of a cob oven. Although the term is often used interchangeable with the term “pizza oven”, they aren’t always the same “thing” (although pizzas are often cooked in cob ovens, so therein lies the confusion!).

Cob is an ancient building style that does not use forms, bricks or wooden structures for support. Think adobes in the Southwest to formulate a visual representation of this primitive technique.  All that is used is:

  • Mud or clay
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Hay

Cob is traditionally made with three parts sand to one-part clay, with the clay making up between 3 and 20 percent of the mixture. The amount of water used is only enough to moisten the clay and the amount of hay used is only what is needed to firmly hold the mixture together. In other words, the measurements are dictated by the materials used.

The most interesting thing about the cob oven is its resurgence into modern-day cooking.

Benefits of the DIY Cob Oven

As our world gets more and more digitized, the need for some people to unplug and get more in-touch with nature is growing. When it comes to wood-fired cooking at home, the allure of DIY projects is at an all-time high. One project that is growing in popularity is the DIY cob oven.

Why? Because it is an opportunity to “live off the land”, if even in a small way (e.g. use mud/clay from your own backyard). It can also provide an opportunity to come together as a community to build something together, cook food together and marvel and one another’s inner caveman.

Building your own cob oven also provides a way to show your creative side, since once the inner structure is complete, the outer portion can be molded in a multitude of shapes/structures.

Artistic Cob Ovens

So, if you are interested in a wood burning oven and an engaging DIY project with sustainable building materials, a cob oven might just be the ticket. Don’t forget to use the best wood, kiln dried firewood, when you are ready to get the fire started and cook!

Premier Firewood Has the Best Wood for Your Cob Oven

Whatever food you plan to cook in your cob oven, be sure to use the cleanest, most efficient firewood, kiln dried firewood. Order online or call us at 203-866-4252 today. Connecticut and New York homeowners can kick back and relax as we do the stacking for you.

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