Tips to Prevent Fire in the Home

By Katie Conaway | fire prevention month, Fire Safety
Sep. 252018

October is Fire Prevention Month, reminding us to change the batteries in smoke detectors and make sure to be prepared in case of fire in the home. However, do you really know how to prevent a fire? Learn common-sense practices to prevent fire in the home.

Safety First, Second and Last

Prevention is the best policy when it comes fire. Common sense when dealing with fire is the safest frame of mind to adopt to prevent injury and even save lives. Follow these tips to ensure safety is in the forefront of your mind when cooking, smoking, or dealing with electricity in the home.


  • Never leave food unattended when frying, grilling or broiling
  • If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the stovetop, even if it’s only for a moment
  • Do not wear loose or flowing clothing while cooking
  • Make sure all children are at least 3 feet away from the cooking area when cooking
  • Turn all handles away from the edge of the stove top
  • Store flammable materials (pot holders, wooden spoons, oils, paper products) away from a cooking area
  • Have a large oven mitt or lid at the ready to smother small pan fires
  • Position grills 10 feet from siding, decking, overhanging branches or foliage


Smoking materials are the leading cause of fire-related death. If you smoke or have visitors that smoke, be mindful of burning tobacco at all times.

  • When smoking outside, always completely stub out the cigarette/cigar/pipes in an ashtray or can of sand, never throw it on the ground to “burn out” on its own
  • Completely soak any butts/tobacco in water before throwing them in a trashcan
  • NEVER smoke in bed or when you feel sleepy or impaired
  • NEVER smoke in a home with oxygen, even it it is off


  • Unplug appliances that heat up (e.g. toasters, hair dryers, coffee maker) when you are finished using them
  • Dispose of cords that are frayed or worn (e.g. mobile phone chargers, extension cords)
  • NEVER run cords (even if they are in perfect condition) under/behind drapes or rugs

Wood Burning Fires

When having a wood burning fire in a indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace or fire pit it is important to:

  • Never leave it unattended
  • Completely extinguish before going to bed
  • Mind children and pets at all times
  • Practice common sense decorating during the holidays
  • Only burn properly dried wood, never trash, painted or treated wood

Premier Firewood Company™ is Your Source for Firewood

Premier Firewood Company™ is fully behind fire safety awareness efforts. We want our clients to enjoy a wonderful fire with kiln dried firewood and prevent fire in the home at all times. At Premier Firewood Company™, we take pride in our products and services. Give us a call at 203.866.4252 to place an order or order online 24/7.

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