Decorating Ideas for Wood Burning Stoves

By Katie Conaway | wood burning stove
Nov. 122018

Wood burning stoves are wonderful for heating living spaces faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. When a new unit is installed in a home, the owners are in control of the size, style, and location where the unit will reside. However, when purchasing a home that already has a wood burning stove, homeowners often feel they must incorporate their style “around” the wood burning stove.

This is the wrong way to think of decorating when a wood stove is involved. With a little imagination, paint, wood, stone and/or metal materials, there are endless decorating ideas for wood burning stoves. All the homeowner needs to do is decide the look and feel they want to achieve with, not despite the efficient, cozy wood burning stove!


There are ways to restore a wood burning stove like new. Cleaning, repairing and removing any rust are first and foremost. Polishing is a fast, easy way to restore the stove to its former glory.


Polish prevents a wood burning stove from rusting. But it can easily rub off on things (i.e. clothing, furniture), it only lasts a few weeks and cannot be applied toa stove that has been sandblasted.

The good news is you have another option to change the overall look of the unit. This is where painting your wood burning stove can transform/update the unit to blend into your personal style.


Once the stove’s surface is prepared, free of rust, dust and dirt it can be painted a variety of colors. The key is to only use a heat resistant, high temperature stove paint. Not only will the stove look brand new and updated, painting with a glossy finish allows for easy clean up for everyday use.

Once the wood burning stove is cleaned and restored, there are additional ways to assimilate the unit into a specific decorating style.


Whether the style you want to achieve is modern, contemporary, traditional, shabby chic etc. there are decorating tips and tricks that can be used to blend the stove into any desired look.

  • Add a floating mantle
  • Build a faux fireplace around the unit
  • Tile, brick, apply stone or adhere decorative metal to the wall behind the stove
  • Choose unique wood racks, holders, baskets close to the unit

Wood Burning Stove Decorating Ideas

The possibilities are endless, really if you just use a little imagination! Make sure once the wood burning stove has been incorporated into the desired look and feel of that room that you properly maintain it on an ongoing basis. Then sit back and enjoy the comforting heat of your wood burning stove!

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