Steer Clear From this as Kindling: Mountain Laurel

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Jul. 282022

Kindling can come in all shapes and sizes, but there are definitely some species of wood you want to avoid at all costs. If you asked the average Connecticut citizen what the state flower was, they’d have no idea it was mountain laurel. This small tree produces beautiful flowers and has a unique shape, potentially drawing attraction. 

While this plant may look beautiful, it’s incredibly dangerous. Even though mountain laurel is Connecticut’s state flower, it isn’t protected by any specific laws or guidelines and is treated as an everyday plant. That being said, there isn’t much about why you should avoid burning it. 


Mountain laurel is a plant that is toxic to humans and many other animals. This plant contains a toxin called andromedotoxin, which disrupts sodium ion channels in the brain. Because of this, it can cause nausea, sickness, and other nasty symptoms. 

The reproductive system of mountain laurel is unique among plants. It produces pollen by creating tension in its stamens, and this pollen is then released by insects. Pollen can be dispersed for up to 15 cm. However, it is important to understand that mountain laurel is poisonous and that it is not a suitable plant to eat or use as kindling

In addition to being poisonous to humans, mountain laurel is also harmful to farm animals. This plant can grow almost anywhere, so if you have pets or farm animals, you need to ensure that it isn’t growing within eating range. 

Bees and butterflies like to visit the flowers of the mountain laurel, and these insects can ingest the poisonous pollen. Bees will then harvest the pollen and produce honey containing toxic compounds. This honey can be incorporated into honey that is naturally farmed and gathered for wholesale, which is why buying farm raised honey is always safer. 

Burning It

Due to mountain laurel being poisonous to digestion, it’s also incredibly dangerous to burn. This tree looks like the perfect kindling; dry and thin. Burning it is incredibly harmful to anyone that inhales it, and can cause the same symptoms you’ll encounter when eating it. 

However, this information isn’t widely known, and mountain laurel is incredibly common in the northeast, especially Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Its availability is why people are so worried about this dangerous plant.

Avoiding Naturally Gathered Firewood

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