Useful Tips

Apr. 122018
By Katie Conaway | Useful Tips
Wondering what to do with the wood ash left over from the long cold winter, while wondering how to have a healthy, plentiful garden this summer? Kill two birds with one stone by “recycling” wood ash from your fireplace and...
Feb. 222018
By Katie Conaway | Useful Tips
February is the time to finalize mild weather vacations and start thinking of purchasing shorts. Not so fast on the shorts, if anything, history has shown us that winter has a hard time letting go. When the weather is mild...
Jan. 302018
By Katie Conaway | Useful Tips
Experiencing a harsh winter? If you have been keeping cozy by a wood burning stove or fireplace, you also have a lot of wood ash from spent firewood. Wood ash is the powdery remains of firewood that is left in...