White Birch Firewood for Sale

White Birch Firewood Delivery in New York & Connecticut

White Birch Firewood

White Birch Firewood Logs Look Great and Burn Clean

Premier Firewood Company is known for delivering high quality white birch firewood to residents and businesses in NY & CT. Not only do we offer affordable pricing on the finest white birch firewood, but we also provide our customers with kiln dried wood and even cooking woods for restaurants and homes.

Customers who want a superior wood to burn choose white birch firewood, which gives off unique flames and a pleasant aroma. We offer full face cords, half face cords, bundles and other sizing options, as well as home delivery of our white birch firewood in NY and Fairfield County CT. Residents and businesses trust Premier Firewood Company for all their firewood needs.

White Birch Firewood Pricing

We deliver to Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY.
Fairfield County in Connecticut with cities like Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Westport and more are right within our service area. We also serve Westchester County in New York. 

Size 1 - Half Face Cord
$250.00/ half face cord
  • 4′×4′×16″
  • Equal to about 25 bundles
  • Delivered & Stacked
  • Rack Not Included
Size 2 - Full Face Cord
$450.00/full face cord
  • 8′×4′×16″
  • Equal to about 55 bundles
  • Delivered & Stacked
  • Rack Not Included