How to Properly Stack Firewood

By Premier Firewood Company | Firewood
Feb. 32014
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A nice stacking job in a Scarsdale, NY delivery. We’ll stack the firewood almost anywhere you want!

Learning how to properly stack firewood is an important skill for any homeowner. Not only does this help you make the most of your firewood, but you can also prevent potential dangerous accidents or various unforeseen problems and consequences as well. Put the following tips to use and you’ll begin seeing quick results, no matter where you live.

  1. Always Use a Rack: You never want to stack your firewood up directly on the ground. With a rack, you raise the entire stack at least several inches. This provides air circulation, and keeps the firewood at the bottom from essentially rotting, which could also then spread to the rest of the stack as well.
  2. Keep Away from the Home: Many homeowners make the mistake of simply piling up firewood directly in contact with the exterior of the home itself. You actually want to leave at least several feet of space between your firewood stack and the structure. This ensures that any insects or fungi from the wood doesn’t move into the home. Of course, kiln dried firewood will be clean of all bugs, mold, etc., but improperly stored and maintained firewood could be tainted by the elements.
  3. Keep Away from Debris & Woods: You also want to keep your stack away from piles of leaves, debris, or heavily wooded areas, which will impart all of the bugs and critters you don’t want into your wood.
  4. Stack Firewood Outside: Keep your firewood stacked in your yard, not in your home. Only bring in what you plan on using for a given night or occasion.
  5. Stack Firewood Loosely: Firewood stacking is a bit of art and science. You certainly want an even and organized stack, but you don’t want to jam them together. Each log should be fairly loose, once again allowing for air circulation.
  6. Cover the Stack: Cover the stack with a tarp or another form of cover which will keep it from being exposed to rain and snow. However, this tarp shouldn’t go down to the ground, which would then block the air circulation which has been mentioned already.

Of course, at Premier Firewood, we can take care of all of the hassle and legwork for you, too. One of the convenient services we offer our customers is quick and easy home delivery, with stacking of your firewood included. Additionally, we can also provide you the rack as well.

Now, you have an all-in-one solution from your supplier, with an attractive, space-saving and efficient firewood rack, an easily accessible and protective cover to guard the wood against inclement weather, and affordable home delivery of high quality kiln dried firewood for sale in New York and Connecticut. We serve Fairfield County, CT, Westchester, NY, New York City, and even Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

So when you’re looking for the best kiln dried firewood in NY or CT, then give Premier Firewood a call at 203.866.4252 and experience the best firewood for your home, with great prices, and the utmost in convenience and service.

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