Why Drying Our Own Firewood Matters

By Premier Firewood Company | Firewood
Mar. 42014

Some think that all firewood is the same, no matter where you get it. The type doesn’t matter either, right? Of course not! The quality and ability to deliver that quality firewood consistently is greatly impacted by how it’s sourced, produced, and what type of wood it is.

At Premier Firewood Company™, we’re dedicated to providing you with the absolute highest quality products. That’s why we sell kiln-dried firewood, which offers a number of advantages over seasoned wood and other types.

Unlike most of our competitors, we also dry our own wood. That means we know the quality of our products, as opposed to buying wholesale firewood from another supplier and passing it on to you.

Using our own kiln, we’re entirely in charge of the drying process — ensuring quality, consistency, and the utmost in care. You’ll never be shortchanged and you’ll never receive an inferior product.

You can trust in the guaranteed quality and consistency of our kiln-dried firewood. Whether you’re using our firewood in the hearth, or you’re using it to cook with, you can depend upon the quality of our product. Rest assured that you’re actually getting what you paid for.

As mentioned, high-quality kiln-dried firewood offers a number of advantages. This wood is guaranteed to burn. It’s also energy efficient, giving off 35% more heat than seasoned wood. Our wood is guaranteed free of insects and mold. Since it’s cleaner and gives off less creosote when it burns, customers have fewer ongoing maintenance needs as well.

We offer customers delivery and stacking services. So whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, in Rye, NY or Fairfield County, Connecticut, we’ll come to you with convenient delivery. You can include a rack with your order too, so storing and accessing your firewood is easy.

If you have any questions about our high-quality kiln-dried firewood, or our delivery services, or want more detailed information, please feel free to call us at 203.866.4252 and we’ll help get you started today.

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