Using Firewood for Your Outdoor Party: What you Need to Know

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May. 142014
Burning firewood in a firepit at a small gathering.
Burning firewood in a fire pit at a small gathering.

Outdoor fireplaces, or fire pits, have become a more popular addition to homes all throughout the country over recent years. They’re a great choice for entertaining friends and family, and making the most out of any backyard or other outdoor space regardless of the season. Before getting started though, make sure you know all about how to use firewood the right way for your next outdoor party.

First and perhaps most importantly, if the fire pit has not been built yet, it’s crucial that you pick the right location. Many DIY homeowners build their own fire pits, and it’s an easy enough project to be completed. But make sure you plan carefully in terms of placement, and laying down all of the proper layers of brick and/or stone, gravel, etc., so that you and your home are always safe, and there’s no risk of a fire spreading or getting out of control.

Now that your fire pit is situated accordingly, you also want to store your firewood in the right way. Firewood should be stored outdoors, as opposed to indoors, and it should never be stacked either directly on the ground, or touching the wall of your home. Instead, use a simple firewood rack to stack your wood, and use a cover over the entire rack to protect from the elements.

So, the fire pit is built, and the wood is stored, but what kind of wood should you even be using? The choice is clear — kiln dried firewood. Kiln dried woods are a superior option for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

For one thing, they offer you great convenience and ease of use. A lower moisture content means that kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to burn and light. Say goodbye to the embarrassment or frustration of not being able to get that fire going when you have guests over, or spending hours on the task without getting it completed.

Kiln dried firewood is also clean of bugs and mold, and when burned, it gives off much less creosote, or soot. That means when you’re all hanging out and making a round of s’mores, hot dogs cooked fresh over the flames or anything else, that you have less off the stuff you don’t want in your food.

Plus, when the sun gets low and everyone typically wants to head in because it’s getting colder, you’ll all be able to actually stay put. That’s because kiln dried firewood gives off 35% more heat than seasoned wood. You’ll use less wood to receive a stronger, hotter fire, an energy-efficient solution that anybody can get behind.

To get started with kiln dried firewood for the outdoor fireplace or fire pit, give Premier Firewood Company™ a call at 203.866.4252 today. They offer firewood delivery in New York and Connecticut, and offer a variety of options for purchasing firewood for the home.

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