Proper Summer Storage of Firewood in Connecticut

By Premier Firewood Company | Firewood
Jun. 172014


If you live in Connecticut, you may be done with your indoor fireplace for the season. Alternatively, you may be gearing up to use your outdoor fire pit that’s perfect for summer nights. In either instance, it’s important to ask:

How should you be storing your firewood logs?

With proper storage, you can maintain your firewood from one season to the next, with ease. Learn how with this quick guide and you’ll always keep your firewood in great condition.

First, firewood should always be stored outdoors. There’s no reason to keep firewood indoors and you should only bring in what you plan on burning that night.

Beyond that, you also don’t want to store your firewood directly in contact with the exterior of your home’s structure. There should be several feet of space between the firewood stack and the home. This ensures that no insects, fungus, or contaminants move into the home. It also reduces fire threats.

Connecticut summers see plenty of humidity and rain in the form of thunderstorms and quick summer downpours. This is true regardless of where you may be in Fairfield County, from New Canaan to Greenwich, Stamford to Westport and Darien, and everywhere in between.

That’s why it’s always essential to properly cover firewood that is being stored. A tarp or another similar cover should be loosely kept over the firewood, but should not be tightly wrapped around it or extended all the way to the ground.

The idea is to protect the firewood from direct moisture and the weather elements, while still allowing proper air circulation. Air circulation is key to keep the firewood in its best condition for as long as possible.

That’s why you also want to utilize a rack to stack your firewood. This works to provide air circulation, while keeping the firewood away from direct moisture

Firewood for sale Darien CT
Here’s firewood that’s covered and on a rack. That’s the best way to store it.

on the ground. Contact with moisture could lead to rotting that can quickly spread across your entire stack.

Firewood should be stacked loosely, once again, so that the wood gets good air circulation.

Just as you don’t want your firewood stacked up against your home’s wall, you also don’t want it stacked in any other debris or directly in heavily wooded areas. Either of these situations can lead to your firewood being contaminated with bugs or insects. You should also leave plenty of clearance space from an outdoor fire pit, so there’s no additional hazard.

If you follow these helpful hints, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your firewood in great condition all summer long. If you have any other questions, or you’re ready to place another order for firewood delivery in Connecticut, feel free to call Premier Firewood directly at 203.866.4252 today.

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