Do You Know Your Firewood? Test Your Knowledge Level!

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Oct. 102014
Kiln Dried Firewood is the Best - Have you Ordered Yours Yet?
Kiln Dried Firewood is the Best – Have you Ordered Yours Yet?


Have you ordered your winter firewood yet?

If the answer is no and you have had trouble burning logs in the past, perhaps you have purchase the wrong firewood. I used to think “firewood is firewood” until I became an educated consumer. Perhaps this is the year you do too! Check out the ways to determine if your wood is green, naturally seasoned or kiln dried.

3 Types of Firewood


Green firewood has been cut down less than a year ago and typically has a moisture content of 50% or greater. If you try and burn this wood the BTU or heat given from wood will be lost in steam and will not efficiently heat your room or home.

Signs of green firewood include:

  • Very tight grains
  • Uniform wood color
  • Heavy wood
  • Intact bark
  • Mold or fungus
  • Bugs
  • Dull “thud” when you bang pieces together

Overall, green wood will not burn, will clog your chimney and compromise the air quality in your home.

Naturally Seasoned

Naturally Seasoned firewood has a moisture content of less than 40%, has been split and stored properly. It usually takes about 12 months for split wood to season and be ready to burn. Moisture content of 10-30% provide for the best heating, as below 10% causes the wood to burn too quickly.

Signs of seasoned wood include:

  • Cracks in the ends
  • Loss of wood color
  • Loss of bark
  • No mold or fungus
  • Loud “clang” when you bang pieces together

Kiln Dried

Kiln dried firewood is dried in a kiln that has a temperature of 160-200 degrees and can bring firewood to a moisture level below 25% in 2-3 days. This firewood produces the highest BTU of any firewood and is great for heating your home or for cooking woods in restaurants.

Signs of kiln dried wood include:

  • Light wood
  • No bugs
  • Very clean
  • No mold or fungus
  • Creates no Creosote in your chimney
  • Very little ash left in your fireplace

The overall benefits of kiln dried firewood is it can be stored inside or out, it is easy to handle and it burns very efficiently.

 Why Premier Firewood Company™?

Premier Firewood Company™ provides individuals and restaurants with kiln dried firewood through the New York City and Connecticut area. Kiln dried allows for controlled air drying that avoids any problems you might experience with green or naturally seasoned firewood. You will get a uniform product each and every time! Call us today at 203.866.4252 to place your order or fill out our online order form.

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