Establish a Wood Bank That Works With Your Neighbors

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Nov. 92014
This is a good example of a neighborhood wood bank.
This is a good example of a neighborhood wood bank.

You are ready to place your order for kiln dried firewood or go to the local hardware store and buy a bundle, when it dawns on you that many of your neighbors also have fireplaces. Perhaps you could pool your money and resources together and purchase wood in bulk! While this does require some planning to establish a wood bank that works, it will save everyone time and money if it is executed properly.

The Wood Bank Plan

First you need to survey your neighbors and find out the following:

  • How much wood do you anticipate using this winter?
  • Do you have storage capacity inside or outside of your home?
  • Do you have a rack to store the wood?

Second, once you determine the total needs, you need to figure out your order and divide the cost accordingly. Let’s say for example, you determine 4 households are going to share the wood and one neighbor will be store the wood. You need two full face cords to last throughout the winter. That is an estimated cost of $150 per family – a great deal for all concerned!

Third, you need to place your order to a kiln dried wood supplier, such as Premier Firewood Company™, who will deliver and stack it at the home you desire to store the wood. Because kiln dried firewood is insect and mold free and very easy to move, your neighbors can come over and obtain enough wood to last for a fire or two at a time.

Wood Bank Plan Overall Cost Savings

If you decide to go alone, a face cord of kiln dried wood is $300 per cord, of which you may or may not use all of it this winter. If you think you will save money by purchasing those little bundles at the store, think again. According to Orange Country Register, you can spend as much as $800 over the course of the heating season.

Splitting up wood with your neighbors is a great plan!

Premier Firewood Company™ is Your Wood Bank Authority

Do you and your neighbors burn a lot of firewood? Buy it in bulk from Premier Firewood Company™! Our wood has low moisture content, generates a lot of heat and decreases creosote buildup in your chimney. And best of all, we deliver our kiln dried firewood to you!

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