Searching for a Christmas Present for That Hard to Buy Person?

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Dec. 202014
Have Santa Bring the special Christmas Present of Kiln Dried Firewood to Your Loved Ones!
Have Santa Bring the special Christmas Present of Kiln Dried Firewood to Your Loved Ones!

If so, look no further than the gift of  kiln dried firewood from Premier Firewood Co.™ to keep your family and friends cozy warm this Holiday Season! And the best part is you still have time to ensure your order is delivered by Christmas if you order online or call us at 203-866-4252 by 12 PM EST on Monday, December 22, 2014. We deliver to residents and businesses in New York and Connecticut.

What better way to let someone know you care about them then by giving the warm and practical gift of firewood!

For that truly unique Christmas gift, consider ordering:

  • A Half Face Cord  which is 4’x4’x16” with or without the rack. This equals to about 25 bundes and is a perfect order for someone who occasionally  has a fire.
  • A Full Face Cord is 8’x4’x16” with or without the rack. This equates to around 55 bundles and is great for a family member or friend that has several fires per week.
  • White Birch Firewood Half-Face or Full-Face Cord. This firewood not only burns very cleanly but also looks wonderful if it is on display within the fireplace itself.

Still Searching for That Perfect Christmas Present?

Buy Premier Firewood Co.™ kiln dried firewood for long burning fires with the highest heat value. Kiln dried firewood is great for fuel stoves, wood burners and traditional open fires. Don’t run out of wood or let your loved ones run out this season either!

Place your order by 12 PM EST on Monday and get the wood your family and friends love to burn on Christmas Day! Orders can be placed 24/7 on our website at  or call us on Monday morning at 7 am EST at 203-866-4252. Contact us anytime for firewood information and delivery options.

From the entire team at Premier Firewood Company™, we wish you and your family a very warm and blessed holiday season.

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