Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution with Kiln Dried Firewood

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Jan. 142015
Kiln Dried Firewood from Premier Firewood Company™ can help reduce indoor air pollution!
Kiln Dried Firewood from Premier Firewood Company™ can help reduce indoor air pollution!


If you are like most of us in the New York City and Connecticut area, you are spending a bulk of your time inside enjoying a fire in your fireplace or wood burning stove. And while you know fire can cause some indoor air pollution, did you know if you don’t use the right wood a fire could be a health hazard to you and your family?

This post will focus on why you need to reduce indoor air pollution and the many ways you can do so – including the purchase of kiln dried firewood instead of natural or “green” wood.

Why be concerned with indoor air pollution?

The smoke from improperly burned wood can create air pollution and cause serious health problems including:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Respiratory Ailments and
  • Damage to Lung Tissue

These respiratory symptoms can be very pronounced in children under 5 years old.

How can you minimize the impact of smoke pollution?

Making the following changes will help decrease emissions, reduce your heating costs and protect your family from the harmful effects of indoor air pollution.

Here are some great practices to initiate as recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Burn only kiln dried firewood which is clean, dry and guaranteed to burn.
  • Burn only hardwood, of which Premier Firewood Company™ carries 100% of the time. Hardwood is denser, burns more slowly and evenly and produces less smoke. Hardwood also burns hotter than softwoods.In addition, you will burn through a cord of softwood twice as fast as a cord of hardwood.
  • Never burn garbage, plastic or charcoal in your fireplace. These materials can be toxic and cause problems with your flue.
  • Never burn pressure-treated wood, particleboard or plywood as they contain toxins like formaldehyde and arsenic.
  • Kiln dried firewood has very little ash, but whatever ash is in the fireplace, clean it out often.
  • Avoid smoldering fires by keeping the airflow consistent.
  • Have a professional inspect your fireplace and chimney on an annual basis. Have them clean the chimney and remove any creosote buildup, as clean chimneys are at a much reduced risk for a chimney fire. If you need help locating a certified chimney sweep, contact the Chimney Safety Institute of America or the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

Premier Firewood Company™ Helps Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Kiln dried firewood offers many distinct advantages from any other type of unseasoned or unconditioned wood. By drying our firewood in a kiln, we ensure that the moisture content is low enough to make lighting the wood as easy as possible. Premier Firewood Company™‘s wood is insect and  mold free.If you live in Fairfield Connecticut, New York City or Westchester County, buy the best kiln dried firewood in the area from us. Call us directly at 203-866-4252 to place your order now!

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