The Process of Kiln Drying Firewood

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Mar. 162015

Wood drying is the art of ensuring that dimensional changes to the wood pieces are minimized while the moisture content is lowered to between 10%-15% of the wood weight. A newly cut down tree is considered green wood and contains high amounts of water which constitutes over 50% of the log weight. Wood naturally dries from the outside in and can take many years to fully dry. However, naturally dried or seasoned wood does not take into consideration the buildup of mold or other contaminates that may affect the wood. Kiln dried firewood protects you against fungus and insects entering your home or garage. In addition, it prevents the wood from decaying over time. Many of the organisms that live in or on wood cannot survive the drying process. This leaves a virtually untainted final product, prefect for use in your home or restaurant.

Our Wood

Much of our wood comes from developers that are clearing lots for new homes or industry in the Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY area. The wood does not have to be mature; it can be anything from green to seasoned. We take the wood and cut it into dryable logs that can enter and exit the kiln with ease.

How We Kiln Dry Firewood

Our kiln is set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the wood bakes for 72 hours straight. This allows for an even disbursement of water as it leaves the wood. Water can be found in 3 forms: free water, bound water, and vapor. When this process is complete, we have a product that is ready to use that will burn evenly and efficiently, every time.

Storing Our Wood

To ensure the superiority of our wood products, all firewood is stored indoors to maintain cleanliness and durability. By doing this we can make sure that we deliver the highest quality product to your home and/or restaurant.


Premier Firewood Company™ Is Your Kiln Dried Firewood Provider

Premier Firewood Company™ has built long-term relationships based on our work ethic, high standards, and guaranteed satisfaction. We understand the importance of delivering the best wood products to our customers. At Premier Firewood Co.™, we take pride in our kiln dried firewood and delivery services. Give us a call today at 203-866-4252 to place your order today!

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