When It Comes To Firewood, Better to Stock Up Than Be Sorry

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Apr. 222015


This is a good example of a neighborhood wood bank.


All over New England many homes ran out of firewood this past winter. This caused people to travel long distances to obtain their wood. With a little planning you can easily avoid running out of firewood by starting a wood bank with your neighbors or by stocking up right now. Order firewood online today can save you time and money tomorrow!

Firewood Shortage

There are a few reasons why firewood has been hard to come by this past winter. Connecticut passed regulations regarding the transportation of wood through the state making it very hard to bring wood from other states into Connecticut. One of the main reasons they passed these regulations was because they wanted to protect the local population of trees from harmful insects that can travel in wood.

Another reason for the shortage of firewood is because the past few winters have been colder and had more snow than before. For example, in Bridgeport Connecticut they experienced 9 days with a minimum temperature below 10 degrees. Many other areas of the Northeast set records for coldness and the amount of snow.

In addition to the extreme cold and regulations, more people are burning firewood than they were ten years ago. In Connecticut and many other New England states the amount of homes that use wood as their main source of heat has doubled.

Planning Ahead

Many people have been caught off guard the past few years by the shortage of wood, so they have taken the initiative to buy ahead of time. It’s similar to buying tickets to a popular concert. If you plan ahead and buy tickets early you 1) get the tickets and 2) don’t have to pay as much.

If you wait until you’re out of wood this winter you will have a hard time finding it, and will probably have to pay between 15-25% more for your wood.

If your budget is a consideration, you can start a wood bank with your neighbors to defray costs. When you buy in bulk it is cheaper and you will ensure that you have enough wood to last through the winter.


Premier Firewood Company™ is on Your Side

Have you thought about preparing for this upcoming winter? Do you and your neighbors burn a lot of firewood? Buy it in bulk from Premier Firewood Company™! Our wood has low moisture content, generates a lot of heat and decreases creosote buildup in your chimney. And best of all, we deliver our kiln dried firewood to you!

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