6 Simple Steps to Building the Perfect Beach Fire

By Dede Mulligan | Building a Fire, Firewood
Jun. 302015
Have a beach fire this summer? Follow these six tips for a great fire and safe experience!
Have a beach fire this summer? Follow these six tips for a great fire and safe experience!


Now that summer is officially here, take advantage of it with beautiful nights on the beach! Here are six steps to make sure you have the perfect, safe fire.


1) Plan ahead

Make sure your area allows fires on the beach by checking with the National Park Service or your local fire station. Pick a night where there won’t be much wind, because the fire will be harder to start and it will more likely spread to the area when strong winds prevail.


2) Gather the right materials

Be sure to bring a flashlight to help you see when you’re starting the fire and bug spray to protect everyone from insect bites. Also, bring all the materials you’ll need start and keep the fire going such as paper, kindling and small wood pieces.


3) Find the perfect spot on the beach

Make sure that the fire is below high tide so it cannot spread. High tide is where sea grass is and there are less footprints in the sand because they are wiped away every day. Then, dig about a 2’-3’ deep circular area for the fire to help protect it from the wind.


4) Light the fire

You can use kindling or newspapers to get it started. Make sure the wood is kiln dried firewood because wet or unseasoned wood is very smokey and difficult to start and maintain.


5) Have fun!

Sit back and relax with some drinks, campfire songs, or ghost stories!


6) Put the fire out

Most importantly, put the fire is out before you leave. Pour water over it and make sure it is completely out. For more tips on putting out your fire, follow Smokey Bear’s tips.


Premier Firewood Company™ wants to help you have the perfect beach fire!

At Premier Firewood Company™, we want to help you have the best summer! With our kiln dried firewood and these easy steps, you can have the perfect beach fire. Order online or call us directly at 203-866-4252 today!

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