Firewood Shortage Still Exists, So Stock Up Soon

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Oct. 202015

In April of this year, we alerted you about a firewood shortage in the states of New York and Connecticut. Unfortunately, the shortage still exists. Let’s take a moment to review  why there is still a shortage and what you can do to make sure you won’t be left out in the cold this fall and winter.

Update on the Shortage

The firewood shortage comes from two chief problems we are encountering: insect infestation and state regulations.  In July we told you about Connecticut’s regulations on moving firewood and the two insects that were causing the regulations to become more strictly enforced.

These bugs are killing trees, and they travel the state by hitchhiking their way around on your firewood. In an effort to quell this problem, the state has instituted laws regarding how and where you can transport your firewood. If you have any plans to move firewood around, make sure that you are within the boundaries of law.

With this law in place, we are now bound to Connecticut native trees, and we cannot reach out to other states for help. In addition to all these problems, when you buy a cord of wood in the dead of winter, from one of our competitors you run the risk of not receiving as well seasoned wood. A lot of other suppliers will try to catch up with the high demand of wood and they will produce unseasoned or half-seasoned wood and it won’t burn nearly as well. Of course, with Premier Firewood, you will only receive the best firewood because we use the best drying kilns to make sure your wood is ready upon delivery.

Cold winter for Connecticut/Mild Winter for New York

According to The Weather Channel, Connecticut is going to have a winter that is below average winter temperatures, while New York is going to have above average winter temperatures. The good news is, it probably won’t really take effect until around January, but once it hits, we will know it. Connecticut residents should be buying kiln dried firewood now to be prepared.

Premier Firewood Company™ Has The Wood

Last year, residents of both states experienced problems with finding firewood when they needed it. But all’s not lost! It is mid-October right now and Premier Firewood Company™ has great kiln dried firewood for sale. All that we ask is that you place your order today so this winter you will experience maximum comfort and warmth with your family.


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