A Perfect Present For That Hard-to-Buy-for Person

By Dede Mulligan | Firewood
Nov. 182015

I can never seem to figure out what my Grandma wants for Christmas. Every single year, I call her and say, “What do you need this year?” and then we go through the dance of her saying, “All I want is to see you”, and “I don’t need anything, I am content.” Can you stop being so gosh-darn humble, Grandma?

This got me thinking….maybe I need to focus on buying Grandma and my other friends and family that are hard to buy for practical gifts that keep on giving. Here are four questions to consider when search for the person that seems to have everything.

What do they need?

I know this question is difficult to get an answer to sometimes, but that’s why I have made a practice of listening to those individuals when I am with them. Last year, my wife told me that she needed pajamas. In June. I remembered that and I bought them for her for Christmas.


Look around their home; do they have a fireplace, wood burning stove or outside grill? Is their garage barren of firewood? Or is it down to the last few kindling sticks? All of these are indicators of ways kiln dried firewood can make an excellent gift.

What do they like to do?

This one should be obvious. You may say, “But they don’t like anything.” I promise you, that is not true. My grandma likes to spend time with her family, and read by the fireplace. How can I make it easier for her to spend time with the family in a cozy, comfortable environment?


How can I personalize the gift?

If you decide to send a gift of kiln dried firewood, ask the company to let you know what day/time they will be delivering it to your loved one. Make a special telephone call on that delivery day or be onsite when the delivery occurs.


Is there anything that will make life easier?

Do you know of anything that your friend/family member does that is laborious and that they would love to get out of? I know, if it is my wife, all I would have to do is offer to do the dishes and the laundry for her and she is as happy as can be. Offer to do something for them, some yard work or housework.

 Does that person like to grill? Or do they have to chop firewood to heat their house? Or maybe they just like a good autumn fire? If any of these apply, you might consider buying that person a cord of wood from Premier Firewood Company™. We have the best firewood in the area. We talked about all your different options for firewood last year. Revisit that blog post and you can be bringing your loved ones the gift of heat and a day of relaxation (instead of being out chopping firewood in the cold).

Premier Firewood Company™ Has the Perfect Present

Premier Firewood Company™, your New York City and Connecticut source for kiln dried firewood, delivers to Grandma’s house (and yours) until December 23rd. Call (203)866-4252 or visit our website to order the gift of wood for your loved ones today!


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